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5 Tips For A “Make A Wish” Party Theme

When it comes to planning your child’s birthday party, there are many different themes to go with. A fun party for children of all ages is the “Make a Wish” or “Wish Upon a Star” party theme. Not only is it easy to choose coordinating decorations, but the themed activities and food can also be a lot of fun. Here are some tips for making this magical birthday party theme a reality.

1. Color Scheme

Start by choosing your color scheme. Many star-themed birthday parties go with the traditional blue, white and silver colors, but there is no reason you can’t think outside the box. If the party is for a little girl who loves pink, you can incorporate that by turning it into a shabby chic-style make a wish birthday party. You should always start with the color choices and overall style, as it is needed for nearly every other aspect of the party planning.

2. Decorations

Now that you have chosen the colors, you can start thinking of decorations. Think of stars as your main source for decorations, along with the color scheme you are going with. For the tablecloths, choose a solid color and put star decorations on top, such as star table lanterns and glitter confetti spread around in the shapes of stars and moons. Lamps and lanterns are always a fun way to decorate for this type of party because it adds the “magical” element. Hanging string lights outside or around your home is highly recommended.

3. Food

For the food, you can go along with the star-shaped theme or have traditional food, but serve it in pretty dishes that match your décor. An easy way to make treats that match your make a wish theme is by baking cookies and using star-shaped cookie cutters. You might also want to stick to a celestial theme by also making cookies shaped like suns and moons as well.

4. Games and Activities

There are a variety of themed games and activities you can choose for this type of party. One of the best activities for the make a wish theme is by having each guest write their wish on a piece of paper, fold it up and put it in a closed container you have out. Dress up this container to have that magical element where they believe their wish will come through. You can also have a craft where the kids decorate with star stickers and glitter pens on a picture frame or small canvas, which also becomes their take-home prize.

5. Invitations

For the invitations of a make a wish party theme, you have the perfect opportunity to use all the glitter and star confetti you want. Make up the invitations to match the color of your party theme, then put some pretty confetti inside the envelope. This is a really fun way to get the kids in the magical spirit for the birthday party theme.

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