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Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your New Concrete Patio

Now that you’ve gotten your concrete patio poured, designed, and set, you’re probably looking forward to having some friends over to enjoy a wonderful evening with great barbecue. But you may experience some surprise visitors. Mosquitoes love to interfere with any backyard plans. But you can ensure that they don’t come anywhere near you or your family and friends. This guide explains how to create a mosquito trap that will keep everyone comfortable without even knowing it’s around.

Step 1: Gather Some Items From Around the House

Look around your house for any of these items that you may have:

  • empty 2-liter bottle
  • utility knife
  • brown sugar
  • yeast
  • electrical tape
  • black cloth
  • spoon

Step 2: Cut the 2-Liter Bottle in Half

Rinse out the bottle to ensure that it’s clean, and then cut it in half with the utility knife. Set the top portion aside to use later.

Step 3: Create the Mosquito Killer

Allow the water to run in the sink until it gets hot. Combine three parts water and one part brown sugar in the bottom portion of the bottle. Stir this concoction with a spoon until the sugar dissolves completely. Add in a little yeast, and let it set for a few minutes. Do not stir the yeast in; it will dissolve on its own.

As this mixture interacts, it creates carbon dioxide and attracts mosquitoes to it. So, let the yeast and sugar mixture set until the yeast is dissolved completely.

Step 4: Attach the Top of the Bottle

Grab the top of the bottle and place it in the bottom of the bottle, upside down. Then apply electrical tape to hold the two together. Note: Taping is optional, but it does help prevent a mess if it gets knocked over.

Step 5: Set the Bottle Up Outside and Wrap It

Wrap the black cloth around the bottle so people won’t see the mosquito graveyard you’ve created, and secure it with the electrical tape. Set the bottle outside, near your new patio. But choose an area that’s away from where the gathering is taking place.

Step 6: Keep the Mix Fresh

Empty and clean the bottle every couple of weeks. Mix up a new batch, and place the bottle back in the same area or choose a new one.

Call your pest control expert, like Bugs Or Us Termite & Pest Control, if you find that there are too many mosquitoes for this simple fix to take care of. Ask them to use natural insecticides if you prefer. Share this with others who are complaining about having too many mosquitoes interfering with their backyard entertainment.

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