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Ideas For A Budget-Friendly Guest Room

It’s quite possible to furnish a guest room comfortably and attractively while adhering to your budget. At the very least, your overnight guests will require a comfortable sleeping solution, adequate lighting and storage for their belongings. Your budget-friendly sleep options might include a daybed, futon or air mattress, while a floor lamp is an inexpensive lighting solution.

First Up: Slumber Time Essentials

When furnishing your guest room, providing a place to sleep should be your first order of business. A less expensive option than a standard bed might be a daybed or futon. A daybed will typically require a twin-sized mattress, and there is no need to furnish it with a headboard.

A futon will provide a seating solution for daytime use, then convert to a bed for sleep. The futon frame and mattress combined is typically a lot less expensive than a traditional bed.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider an air mattress for your guest bed. Inflatable air beds come with inflating pump and are available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. Most are made with a soft velour top and can be outfitted with traditional sheets and bedding. Consider a raised air bed for the look and feel of a traditional mattress.

Inexpensive Guest Room Storage

One way to save money on guest room furniture is by choosing a bed and storage combo. A daybed with storage drawers underneath may eliminate the need for a dresser. Otherwise, you’ll want to consider an inexpensive chest of drawers for storing personal belongings and clothing.

A unique idea for guest room storage is a storage bench. This option provides extra seating with storage cubbies underneath. Some include pull-out drawers.

Budget-Friendly Seating Ideas

If your guest room is to be used primarily for kids and teenagers, one or two over-sized bean bag chairs might fit the bill. These are more affordable than traditional chairs and they are available in a wide array of colors to complement most any decor.

A media lounger chair is another cool option. It’s low to the floor and perfect for watching TV, reading or playing video games. Similarly, a folding “butterfly lounge” chair is soft and comfy, and much cheaper than many side chairs.

Lighting the Way

For an inexpensive lighting solution, consider a floor lamp. Furnishing the guest room with one adjustable-angle floor lamp may be more practical than buying two table lamps. It’s great for reading, too.

Another alternative is choosing an overhead ceiling fan with built-in light. This may be an efficient lighting option, as the ceiling fan light may have a dimmer switch that saves energy.

Last but not least, be creative when furnishing your guest room. Budget-inspired furniture does not have to mean boring or unattractive. Anything from a lava lamp for ambient glow, a combination bookcase and TV stand, or even a mattress placed on top of a homemade platform can be cost-effective yet stylish. Visit local furniture stores to get an idea of what styles and designs you want to go with.

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