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3 Signs That Your Well Pump Needs Service

If you use a well to supply your household with water, then you probably enjoy the benefits of enjoying your natural resources and not paying a monthly water bill. Wells and well pumps need routine maintenance and repair if you want to continue to enjoy these benefits, however, so it’s critical to know the signs that service is needed. These are three signs that you should look out for; if you notice any of them, then it’s important to call a well pump service like Stettler Supply Co as soon as possible to take care of any potential problems.

1. You Have Poor Water Pressure in Your Home

If you have noticed that the water pressure has gone down in your home, there is probably one of two problems. You could be dealing with a plumbing issue, such as a broken pipe, or there could be something wrong with your well pump. Check your pipes to ensure that they aren’t frozen or broken, then call a well pump service. Then, an experienced technician can fix your pump to ensure that it pumps an adequate amount of water.

2. You Hear Your Pump Running Constantly

Your well pump should turn off and on as needed. If you do notice that your pump is running too much, there is a good chance that it’s struggling to pump water or that there is a sensor and shutoff issue. Either way, it’s critical to have your pump serviced as soon as possible. Otherwise, the motor could burn out from running too much, or you could deal with other issues.

3. Your Pump Turns Off and On Too Often

It’s true that your well pump should turn on and off as needed, but you shouldn’t hear it cycling off and on constantly. If it does, then there’s a chance that it’s having a hard time getting water. This means that the problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible to help prevent damage to your well pump motor and to ensure that your family gets all of the water that it needs.

It’s important to look out for well pump problems if you want to keep your well in excellent condition. These issues can lead to loss of water in your home and more costly repairs for your well pump, so make sure that you call a well pump service as soon as possible if you notice any of them. Luckily, a good well pump service should be able to repair the problem as soon as possible.

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