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3 Helpful Steps To Take When Dealing With A Mouse In Your Home

If you find a mouse in your home, it’s important to do something about it quickly. If you don’t, they may mature, allowing them to produce 8 litters in a one-year lifespan. To deal with mice, these steps can be taken.

Locate & Remove Mouse Droppings

It’s important to remove mouse droppings from your home, because if you don’t, germs can linger and spread throughout your home. Mice droppings will be around the size of a pellet, and there will be a lot of them in one area. Wear gloves and use a scooper to put the droppings into a plastic bag after you have found them.

Take the plastic bag and throw it in the dumpster. It’s important to disinfect the area where the droppings were located, as this prevents germs and bacteria from spreading. Then, throw the gloves away, and wash your hands thoroughly.

Set Out Live Steel Traps

If you feel confident that you can remove the mice alone, it’s a good idea to use live steel mouse traps. These traps give you the ability to remove mice without having to kill them or cause them any harm.

Steel traps are beneficial because mice can’t easily chew through them. They have a low profile design, allowing you to place them underneath furniture. Multi-catch steel straps are great, as they can hold more than one mouse at a time. This is ideal because there will likely be several mice in your home.

In order for these traps to be effective, you will need to put bait in them. One of the best baits to use is peanut butter, as it has a tempting aroma that will effectively attract mice. Cotton is also ideal because mice love using it for their nest.

Get Help From an Exterminator

If all else fails and your home traps don’t seem to be doing the trick, you can seek help from an exterminator. This professional will first make sure all food sources are enclosed in either glass or plastic containers. Cracks, holes, and crevices will be sealed with steel or concrete.

Once the entry points have been taken care of, the exterminator will set out different types of traps. These include glue and live traps. Potential nesting spots, such as a pile of clothes or a stack of papers, will be removed from your property. After the rodent has been removed from your property, countertops, floors and walls will be cleaned. This helps kill off any bacteria that may have spread because of the mice. 

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