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Making Decorative Crosses For Your Home

If you would like to display more crosses around your home, there are a lot of different styles you can purchase. This allows you to fix things up a bit and have plenty of variety around your home. If you like the idea of adding a personal touch to some of those decorative crosses, then you can even make some of them yourself, This is also a nice way for you to do some craft projects with your kids if you choose. This article will provide you with instructions on how you can make a couple types of decorative crosses to display around your home and yard.

Make a concrete mosaic cross

If you would like to put a concrete mosaic cross in the yard, you can make one yourself with just a few supplies. These supplies include:

  • A cross shaped cake pan
  • A bag of fast drying cement
  • Pieces of flat broken glass
  • Water
  • A stir stick
  • A bucket

Put some cement in the bucket and add a small amount of water at a time. Stir the mix with the stick until you end up with the consistency of cake batter. Pour the mixture into the cake pan. Once the mix comes up to the top of the pan, pick it up about an inch and let it go. This will flatten out the cement and make sure the bubbles are out.

Take the pieces of glass and put them in place on the surface of the cement. You can make any design you want. When you put the pieces of glass in place, push down very lightly so they go into the mix without sinking too far down. Let the concrete dry for a few days before removing the cross. Once it’s done, you can display it where you want.

Make a wood and lace cross

A wood and lace cross would make a good addition to a feminine room in your home. To make this type of cross, you need the following supplies:

  • A foot long piece of wood that’s two inches wide
  • Two four inch long pieces of wood that are also two inches wide
  • A glue gun
  • Strings of lace in the design and colors of your choosing
  • Scissors

Glue the shorter pieces of wood onto the larger piece to create a cross shape. Cut the lace and glue it along the cross. You can make it full and fluffy or you can keep it simple with just a little bit of lace. Once it’s done, you can hang it in your home.

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