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Waterproofing Your Home, Inside And Out

In order to fully protect your home from water damage, you’ll need to work both inside and outside of the home to set up your waterproofing systems. Here are some ideas on how to make your home more waterproof.

Make Sure Rain Has an Escape Route

The first thing that needs to be done is to make sure that when it rains, water isn’t able to pool up against your house. For one, your gutters should be cleared and the spouts should be measured to ensure that they take water at least 3 feet away from your home. Residential rain gutter installation services can evaluate your home to make sure that your gutter system is in good condition and sufficient for the volume of rain in your region. The slant and construction of your roof also matters; if you have a flat roof, consult a specialist to make sure that you have enough drains installed in your roof. The slope of your property is another factor to consider. The slope should go from high to low, carrying water naturally away from your home. You may need to get out a shovel and change the slope of your terrain, or hire a landscaper to do it for you.

Be Careful with Landscaping

Another problem can occur when rain is encouraged to pool in the roots of your home’s landscaping. If you have plants with deep roots next to the foundation, they may draw water to them. Make sure all plants are kept at least a few feet away from your home.

Get Rain Guards

If you are in an area where flooding is a concern, then you might want to invest in rain covers that fit over your basement windows. These strong plastic shields don’t cost much, but they can do a lot when it comes to keeping flood and rain water from flowing into your windows.

Get Internal Waterproofing Done

It’s also a great idea to get your inner walls waterproofed, especially in the basement. Water that gets into your walls may slowly trickle down into the basement, where it may pool and rot the interiors of walls. And if you get a leak in your foundation, walls that aren’t properly waterproofed may allow water to get into your basement. A waterproofing team can help to make sure that these walls won’t cave in because of long-term rotting. They may start by applying a sealant to ensure water stays out.

These are only a few of the options for making your home more impervious to water damage. It pays to consult a home waterproofing specialist (read more about it here) to advise you on the methods that fit within your budget.

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Want An Easy And Stress-Free Move? 3 Extra Services To Use From Movers

Moving out of your parents’ home or an apartment that you share with roommates might be easy because you may not have that many items that are entirely yours, but this might not describe your situation. Moving a fully furnished house is not only a little more challenging, but it’s time-consuming as well. It is easy to make mistakes at some point along the way, which can be stressful to handle and resolve. In an ideal situation, you may not want to experience any of the stress or difficulties that come with moving. This is absolutely possible when you are willing to hire movers for some additional services.

Furniture Disassembly

Some furniture is quite manageable, such as ottomans, coffee tables, and dining room chairs, but pieces like dressers, bed frames, dining room tables, and portable islands are not easy to move. You will find it relieving to know that you do not have to worry about taking the furniture apart before moving. It can be placed entirely in the hands of movers who will handle the responsibility prior to loading up the truck. This will allow you to keep using all of the furniture right up to when you are leaving the home.

Vehicle Towing

Transporting your own car with a moving truck gives you several options. One of them is towing the vehicle along for the ride, but this can be somewhat stressful to handle. Not only do you have a moving truck that you are not used to driving, you also have to manage the car behind the truck. You have to worry about a number of things such as loading dos and don’ts and your driving habits. It is much better to let professional movers worry about everything related to transporting your car to your new home.

Packing Your Items

Whether you have several months or just a few weeks until you move, you might not look forward to the packing process because it involves putting everything into boxes that need to be properly packed. It is an option to hire movers to come over to your house before the move to handle this process. They can bring all of the supplies and make sure everything is put into high-quality boxes in the most protected way possible. This will keep you from feeling stressed about the condition of your items upon arrival.

When you make use of these professional services, you can enjoy a straightforward, stress-free move. For more information, contact local professionals like Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving.

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