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The Different Types Of Outdoor Water Fountains

Adding an outdoor water fountain to your lawn or garden is a great way to create more beauty on your property. Water fountains can be used as a lovely focal point for your flower garden or a stand alone feature in the center of your lawn. There are various types of outdoor water fountains available and the style that works best for you may depend on how much property you have or the type of landscaping you wish to create. These are some of the different types of outdoor water fountains that can be used to beautify your lawn or garden.

Outdoor Spouting Water Fountains 

Spouting water fountains create dramatically beautiful spraying effects. The water comes from a pipe and sprays up into the air and the water looks similar to a large plume of feathers or a palm tree. These fountains can be added to existing water features easily because they have a submersible pump that sits directly in a pool or a pond.

Some spouting water fountains are also self-contained with a built-in reservoir for water that is reused constantly. These can be conveniently displayed anywhere there is a nearby outlet for plugging the pump in.

Outdoor Cascading Water Fountains 

Cascading water fountains are also very popular for enhancing the beauty of a lawn or garden. These fountains have water flowing at a slower, more subtle rate than spouting fountains. Some of these fountains have tiers that create waterfalls at different layers.

Cascading outdoor water fountains may have water flowing from different areas throughout the fountain, but the water is usually flowing at a calmer, more trickling speed. Cascading water fountains are also commonly self-contained for easy installation.

Outdoor Wall Water Fountains 

If you have limited space in your yard or garden, you also have the option of installing an outdoor wall fountain. Wall fountains can be freestanding against a wall or fence or be hung directly on a wall. Wall fountains usually flow at a steady rate that is faster than a cascading fountain, yet slower than a spouting fountain.

These fountains are usually self contained with a built-in reservoir that uses the pump to cycle the water through continuously. However, you will want to replace the water on occasion to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Outdoor water fountains are available in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular ones may be in the shape of statues, bridges, various sizes of pots and urns, or rock walls that look like natural waterfalls.

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